The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

 The sun had started to set as I got out of soccer practice.  I said good-bye to my fellow mates as we started to the big black gates. At the edge of the school, I saw a man in black on a black horse riding in the street.  When I asked my mates if this they saw too, they said that it must have been the heat.  When I went to explain the insanity of that, snow was on the ground, they were nowhere to be found.  I looked high and low but there was no place for them to go.

When I looked up again, there was an eagle with a bow.  I bowed to the eagle, most powerful of all.  I then heard a serpent make a terrible call.  He said to the mighty eagle, “We declare war on you for killing our kind.  Your sentence will be one that puts you in a real bind.”  When I looked in the blind eagle’s eyes, a tear I saw fall.  It was then that the rain began to fall.  It came down in sprinkles, a refreshingly cool light mist.  While the rain came down it was then that I knew that if I did not do something that the mighty eagle, so proud and true, would cease to exist and be sucked in to the eternal abyss.

Late in the night, I helped the eagle to escape.  Once he was safely free, I tried to escape myself but in the ruckus of helping the eagle escape; I had woken up the guard.  When I tried to run, he struck me with his fist.  When I regained consciousness and strength, it was to no avail.  I looked down and saw that my arms and legs were wrapped in vines of the thickest kind.  It was the infamous Devil’s Snare I noted in my mind.  I remembered from a class that only one thing can defeat it and that wouldn’t be available for use for another 8 hours when the sun came up.

It was then that I saw the man in black on a black horse.  As he waited by the plant, he asked me “Are you ready to die?”  I took a couple of troubled breaths and let my body succumb to the darkness that was surrounding me.  When I reopened my eyes, there was nothing but bright light.  As my eyes adjusted, I saw my mates standing there smiling, waving as if telling me to come to where they were.  As I glanced around at my surroundings, on the horizon I saw a gigantic, magnificent palace and millions of mansions at least ten stories tall.  The streets were pure gold topped by glass.  As I ran to meet my team mates, it was then that I knew I was home.


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