Guys and Lies!

I look in your eyes and all I see are lies.  Why must you hurt me so, now I must take my broken heart and go.  I thought I knew who you were but lately all you make me say is grrr! I saw you and her kissing, and I knew soon I would be missing.  From your life I now must leave.  To your love I can no longer cleave.  A lie you told too many times, each one should be a crime.  While I sit back and enjoy some fudge, by God you will be judged.  Your lies cut so deep so guarded now my heart I must keep. Wounds shall heal over time. I wish you would turn into a mime!  Thinking of all your sins make me want to drink a whole bottle of gin.  God will see me through, no matter how many times I fall for guys like you!


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