Without You

The sun maybe shining but my world seems dark as the midnight hour. I paint a smile on my face so I can try to face the day but the truth is, without you I don’t know how I’ll do. I’ll go on. I’m sure of that, although I might have to get me a cat.


Cheerleading Poem

I’m hot. I’m on fire. I will never tire. I’m full of energy. I’m happy as I can ever be. I can’t be with you but I WILL NOT be blue!

Guys and Lies!

I look in your eyes and all I see are lies.  Why must you hurt me so, now I must take my broken heart and go.  I thought I knew who you were but lately all you make me say is grrr! I saw you and her kissing, and I knew soon I would be missing.  From your life I now must leave.  To your love I can no longer cleave.  A lie you told too many times, each one should be a crime.  While I sit back and enjoy some fudge, by God you will be judged.  Your lies cut so deep so guarded now my heart I must keep. Wounds shall heal over time. I wish you would turn into a mime!  Thinking of all your sins make me want to drink a whole bottle of gin.  God will see me through, no matter how many times I fall for guys like you!

To My Dearest Love

I didn’t believe in love at first sight til’ I saw you on a hot August night. At first I was afraid to fall in love, but you made me feel just like a dove.  You are special to me because every time you are around, you feel me with glee.  Unfortunately, neither set of parents agrees with you and me becoming we. We have proven our love and trust to one another.  We swore that there would be no other.  We have loved like no other couple in history but our love must remain a mystery.  Until we cross that fine line, you will secretly be mine. A song has said it is better to have loved once than to never love at all, but I think we shall make that call.  No fighting and no chiding shall we ever do for when we love each other like we do, our love will stick with us like glue.  As this chapter of our lives ends, it is clear that our love will never begin.  As I lie in a puddle of sticky red goo, just know that my love for you will always be truer than true.  I love you!

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

 The sun had started to set as I got out of soccer practice.  I said good-bye to my fellow mates as we started to the big black gates. At the edge of the school, I saw a man in black on a black horse riding in the street.  When I asked my mates if this they saw too, they said that it must have been the heat.  When I went to explain the insanity of that, snow was on the ground, they were nowhere to be found.  I looked high and low but there was no place for them to go.

When I looked up again, there was an eagle with a bow.  I bowed to the eagle, most powerful of all.  I then heard a serpent make a terrible call.  He said to the mighty eagle, “We declare war on you for killing our kind.  Your sentence will be one that puts you in a real bind.”  When I looked in the blind eagle’s eyes, a tear I saw fall.  It was then that the rain began to fall.  It came down in sprinkles, a refreshingly cool light mist.  While the rain came down it was then that I knew that if I did not do something that the mighty eagle, so proud and true, would cease to exist and be sucked in to the eternal abyss.

Late in the night, I helped the eagle to escape.  Once he was safely free, I tried to escape myself but in the ruckus of helping the eagle escape; I had woken up the guard.  When I tried to run, he struck me with his fist.  When I regained consciousness and strength, it was to no avail.  I looked down and saw that my arms and legs were wrapped in vines of the thickest kind.  It was the infamous Devil’s Snare I noted in my mind.  I remembered from a class that only one thing can defeat it and that wouldn’t be available for use for another 8 hours when the sun came up.

It was then that I saw the man in black on a black horse.  As he waited by the plant, he asked me “Are you ready to die?”  I took a couple of troubled breaths and let my body succumb to the darkness that was surrounding me.  When I reopened my eyes, there was nothing but bright light.  As my eyes adjusted, I saw my mates standing there smiling, waving as if telling me to come to where they were.  As I glanced around at my surroundings, on the horizon I saw a gigantic, magnificent palace and millions of mansions at least ten stories tall.  The streets were pure gold topped by glass.  As I ran to meet my team mates, it was then that I knew I was home.