To My Dearest Love

I didn’t believe in love at first sight til’ I saw you on a hot August night. At first I was afraid to fall in love, but you made me feel just like a dove.  You are special to me because every time you are around, you feel me with glee.  Unfortunately, neither set of parents agrees with you and me becoming we. We have proven our love and trust to one another.  We swore that there would be no other.  We have loved like no other couple in history but our love must remain a mystery.  Until we cross that fine line, you will secretly be mine. A song has said it is better to have loved once than to never love at all, but I think we shall make that call.  No fighting and no chiding shall we ever do for when we love each other like we do, our love will stick with us like glue.  As this chapter of our lives ends, it is clear that our love will never begin.  As I lie in a puddle of sticky red goo, just know that my love for you will always be truer than true.  I love you!