Scarecrow Story

Scarecrow Story

Mikhail was standing in line to get a lunch tray loaded with his favorite food of all time, lasagna, when some of the other scarecrow boys in his class shoved him forward making him fly into the back of the student in front of him and spilling his tray all over the place.  Mikhail had lasagna all over his school uniform and face.  Mikhail slowly got up, sore from landing so hard on the floor.  He ran sobbing to the bathroom.  “Why must those boys always be mean to me?  I wish somebody would teach them a lesson so they would be nice to everyone for a change.”  He washed up, changed clothes and went to class.

The boys were there too; they still were not nice to him.  In class they took his spot at the front of the room so that he had to sit at the back of the room where he couldn’t see.  They often pulled his chair out from under him making him fall on the floor.  The boys stole his books and homework and claimed them as their own.  This went on for weeks with no answer to Mikhail’s daily prayer for help to come. He was about to give up hope when one Monday morning a new student he met would change his life forever.

That day came when a new girl showed up at school.  She was so beautiful that all the guys stopped what they were doing and focused on her.  Everything was fine, at least until after lunch when the mean boys resumed their daily routine in the classroom.  Mikhail just sat there looking sad and trying not to cry when out of nowhere the new girl appeared and helped Mikhail up.  “STOP!!  Why do you treat Mikhail and others like that?  It is dishonorable and wrong to do.  I stand with Mikhail. I stand against you and others like you because of what you do to other people.  Who else will join me?”  To Mikhail’s surprise, teachers, other staff, and students went to stand beside Mikhail and the new girl.  Mikhail, looked shocked at the fact that so many people cared about him and his troubles.  “You see, Mikhail, you are never alone if you ask for help.  As for you boys who are bullying others, you need to learn show respect to all people.  It is not nice to bully others.  After all, how would you like it if someone was being mean to you?  Maybe someone calls you fat or dumb, how does it make you feel?  Not good right?” exclaimed the new girl.    “No, it hurts my feelings even though it is true,” said Jason, the leader of the group of boys.

The next day, in front of the school, all of the bullies apologized to Mikhail.  “We are sorry for making fun of your hair, and for always taking your spot when we know you have trouble seeing. Also for always tripping you and pulling your chair out from under you.  We know we haven’t been nice to you and we are truly sorry and asking for forgiveness.  Can you forgive us Mikhail?”  The whole school held their breath as they waited for Mikhail’s answer.  Finally, Mikhail said “Yes, I can and do forgive you for what you have done to me.”  Turning to the new girl he said, “Thank you for standing up against those boys.  It is really great that they apologized.  By the way, I never did get your name.  It feels weird to thank you when I don’t know who it is that I need to thank.”  “My name is Angel, and you are very welcome Mikhail.”

From that day on, Jason and his boys treated everyone nicely and with nothing but respect.  As for Mikhail, he did get glasses so he could see and everyone treated him very well.  Nobody ever was mean to Mikhail again.  As for Angel, she disappeared just as fast as she appeared but Mikhail was not worried because he knew that Angel was out there somewhere helping others just like him.


If I Were President For A Day

Many kids dream of being president or queen but non or few realize the responsibilities that such titles would entail. As kids in school we were often asked “If you were president for a day, what would you do?” Some of my answers have changed while others have remained the same.

If I was President of the United States there are many things I would change. I would make drug testing mandatory on a weekly basis for those citizens receiving assistance from the state and government. I would change or abolish the “No Child Left Behind” law. If I change it, I would lower the standards to a more realistic number. I would also raise the driving age to 18 and the legal drinking age to 25. In order to increase jobs, I would make it illegal to pump your own gas in all states. I would also give teachers, firefighters, police, and all other government employees who don’t get paid or recognized enough raises and better benefits. On the border issue, I would reinforce the borders to where it was almost impossible to illegally cross over but make the benefits of crossing legally worth it so that more people would see it as better to come across that way. I would also raise minimum wage and lower taxes thus increasing the economy.

Those are just some of the things that I would do if I was President of the United States of America!